Originally part of Hollywood’s original past and legacy, Global Star Productions is a multi-functional entertainment corporation that has lasted through generations of Filmmakers, adapted from a family film storage and news media archive out of New Jersey.

CEO and Co-founder Michael Wehrhahn, son of late Larry Wehrhahn (Co Owner of Republic Pictures Corporation , Founder of Fort Lee Film Storage) and owner of the oldest building still standing (formerly known as the Jules Brulatour building or its occupied tenant in 1923 San Jacq in which was originally a studio to produce film stock for the Republic Lots). Larry Wehrhahn recreated Fort Lee Film Storage, Inc. which facilitated storage for the news media as well as Nitrate stock and houses refrigerated climate controlled rooms specifically for film stock. Later, leasing it out to Bonded Films. See Historical Map Here.

Established in the 80’s, Global Star Productions was originally a video release company for a wide variety of instructional videos aside from producing action style martial arts movies. During the 90’s, after a 10 year acting and stunt career with some of Asia’s biggest stars, President Michael Wehrhahn transitioned the company to co-produce several films with Hong Kong’s biggest names. Global Star brought Hong Kong’s greatest stuntmen, choreographers and wire photography to the big screen as well as shooting China’s productions for Chinese Markets in the US.

2008: In order to transition its efforts for superior box office performance, Global Star Productions put together a first class Hollywood Team combining superior forces with A-List visual effects houses internationally in joint venture productions, financing for mainstream releasing for worldwide franchise markets.

Today, Global Star Productions produces some of the biggest Hollywood Co-Adventures in the industry.